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RAMP: Retail Ad Management Platform

Your first-party data and retail media network are hot tickets for media buyers. As the competition and landscape evolve, your product offerings and complexities to grow your business increase. The scalable solution is an end-to-end technology partner with a best-in-class track record of innovations for the media industry.

Innovations For Retail Media Companies


One Platform, One Source Of Data

Boostr does what other retail ad management platforms can’t, with the industry’s only self-contained pre-sales-to-billing solution that works seamlessly with your current CRM or any chosen customer data platform.

Everything Works Out Of The Box

Stop worrying about retrofitting your OMS to fit your retail business or your existing CRM to support ad sales. Even configuring data for audience extension is easy, no matter the size of your audience or inventory.

1 Future Proof Your Company
Top Rated

Business Insider names Boostr one of the 19 most promising ad tech startups of the year.

Boostr’s extremely customizable platform was lauded as a major point of innovation—driving results even for the most complex media organizations.


Automatically Optimize RFP Responses

Receive suggestions to optimize any omnichannel media plan with the industry’s first automated RFP response tool. Our AI-based product and pricing recommendation engine are perfect for finding all-new revenue opportunities.

Track Everything in One Place

Kill spreadsheet proliferation and silos of error-prone information with a single real-time database that enables company-wide collaboration and automatically rolls up into dashboards for forecasting, rev ops, ad ops, and finance.

9 Automate Strategic Workflows

Quotation “Trying to get our media data to work with Salesforce was a nightmare. Boostr makes it easy to configure, track, and optimize our media campaigns for clients.” - Retail Media Director, Fortune 500 Company


Configure, Don't Customize

Since Boostr was founded by media executives, it only makes sense that the technology easily integrates with everything a media executive would need.

-  IRI
Citrus Ads
-  Criteo

Automate 50+ Workflows

Make workflows more efficient, from pipeline sales activity to approvals, media plan entry, insertion orders, ad server set-up, billing variances, and delivery reporting. Employees at all levels receive more strategic decision-making time.


Close Billing Faster, Get Paid Faster

Close billing weeks faster and get paid weeks sooner. Faster payments result in better cash flow, improved margins, and greater operating cash flow. Spend less time on billing and more time on core client activities with the Boostr platform.

CFOs Love Boostr

Boostr will seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP without disrupting your Finance team’s current processes or protocols. Our platform cuts the time from campaign close to invoice by as much as 80%.

5. Find All New Revenue Oppspng

The Boostr Difference

Software products that can be used independently or collectively to impact the entire pipeline-to-profits journey.

-   Dedicated onboarding team

 Best practice & KPI recommendations

- Average onboarding takes under 5 wekks



“I’ve been a Boostr client three times, and it was complicated and complex for all three companies in different ways, which I think shows Boostr’s flexibility and configuration ability.”


Jessica Boiardi,

Vice President of Pricing & Planning, Buzzfeed Inc.