Top 7 Myths: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms

Real-time deal updates, pipeline visibility, and accurate forecasting help media companies thrive in a competitive landscape. Yet, too many companies resist upgrading their CRM solutions, feeling stuck with the status quo or afraid their Sales teams won’t adopt new technology. Here are the top seven myths about CRM management software and why businesses should rethink them. 

#1 It’s impossible to customize a CRM for our unique needs. Boostr is the only CRM purpose-built for media companies by former media execs. No matter the product complexity, Boostr allows you to see and manage inventory with easy-to-modify dashboards—no need to hire costly consultants. 

#2 Integration is too challenging. Without the right capabilities and integrations, CRMs can become cumbersome and time-consuming to manage. Boostr breaks down barriers with out-of-the-box integrations that make it easy to connect your systems. Our CRM can be used in concert with your existing tech stack—or use Boostr holistically as the industry’s only unified platform.

#3 It requires too much time and expertise to set up and maintain. Boostr’s CRM can be onboarded in record time—and our team does all the heavy lifting. No more expensive consultant fees, confusing code-heavy customizations, or cumbersome set-up. We specialize in serving media companies, and we’re the only CRM with live in-app support. 

#4 My team won’t use it. Boostr’s rate of team adoption and adherence dwarfs the competition’s. Intuitive, easy to integrate, and free of IT jargon, with dashboards that let sellers slice and dice data however they need it, Boostr is the CRM that teams don’t just use but love

#5 It won’t deliver ROI. Maximize efficiency with better automation, data, and intelligence by letting Boostr put reporting and even RFP responses on autopilot, optimizing based on each client’s unique parameters. Our customers cite positive ROI within the first year. 

#6 The features are overwhelming. Since Boostr is built for media companies, we’ve skipped the extraneous features and optimized what matters most to publishers, including easy deal management, accurate forecasts, and real-time inventory avails. It’s everything you need without anything you don’t. 

#7 It won’t scale with us. Boostr’s CRM was designed to help publishers overcome complexity. Our CRM, OMS, and proposal recommendation engine empower teams with data, automate busywork, and support strategic moves that grow the bottom line. 

Boostr is the only CRM designed to help media companies boost performance and grow profits. Unique Boostr Features:

  • The most accurate revenue forecasting
  • Easily analyze seller, product, and category performance to maximize results.
  • 50+ automated workflows
  • Get faster I/O approval, billing, reconciliation, and more with out-of-the-box automation. 
  • All the integrations you need
  • Seamless integration with all the tools you love and no learning curve required. 
  • Analytics on virtually anything
  • High-fidelity data, reporting, and analytics are sliced and diced however you need it, thanks to Boostr’s media-specific data model. 
  • Real-time pipeline visibility 
  • Stay agile and profitable by keeping all the numbers in plain sight. 
  • Automated revenue recognition
  • Auto-allocate revenue across channels to save your team time every week. 
“Boostr is without a doubt the most important day-to-day application we have in running our business.”
-Jason Wagenheim, President & Chief Revenue Officer, BDG

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Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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