Increase Revenue With AI - How new technology is shaking things up in the world of Sales & Rev Ops

Sales teams must have their fingers on the pulse of a media industry that never stops changing. They have to understand the preferences and behaviors of target audiences and recognize how different people consume media and respond to key messages. The work doesn’t stop there; they also craft pitches and proposals while constantly optimizing campaigns. Meanwhile, Rev Ops teams are tasked with bridging the gap between Sales complexities and the rest of the company, safeguarding the business’s future by analyzing patterns and preventing breakage. 

With vast amounts of information to manage, these teams stand to improve operations by automating data integration, aligning departments, and making data accessible to decision-makers. This is only possible through the power of AI. In fact, companies that have invested in AI are already pulling ahead of competitors, underlining the importance of integrating this technology into a long-term strategy. 

Confused about how AI can support Sales and Rev Ops at your company? At Boostr, we have seen hundreds of publishers transform operations through AI. They’re doing it in five distinct ways. We’ve outlined the basics below; to get the full report, download The Transformative Power of AI in Rev Ops and Sales ebook.

1. A crystal ball 

Predictive analytics and pricing sit at the intersection of data science and strategy. By leveraging historical data, media businesses can get in-depth insights into how the market reacts under different conditions. They can use this information to fuel algorithms that synthesize current trends and offer a crystal ball for planning. 

As AI becomes more sophisticated, publishers are using it to identify inventory and pricing trends and opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. They are also using AI to improve targeting, campaign returns, pricing, and media mixes. As a result, publishers are doing more than just keeping pace with the industry—they’re staying ahead of it. 

2. A focus on efficiency

Efficiency is always central to the conversations of CFOs and Sales leaders. In the face of volatile economic conditions and rapidly shifting consumer behaviors, all companies must do more with less. Yet, identifying opportunities to trim operational fat is tricky without technology that can consider account nuances, vast amounts of data, and current market and internal financial conditions. 

Enter AI. AI automates workflows, generates performance reports, develops optimized media plans in minutes, and even pinpoints specific data patterns to suggest strategic pricing strategies. Teams save time that can be dedicated to value-added work. All of this creates more opportunities for sustainable growth. 

3. Improved performance 

The Sales function is rife with time-consuming tasks such as prospecting, qualifying, scheduling, managing follow-ups, and tracking performance. If not properly managed, this can all add up to lost time, churn, and less-than-stellar results. Pulling ahead of the pack requires innovation. 

AI enhances Sales with superior forecasting and its ability to identify and track  KPIs and find areas where focused effort can produce worthwhile results. This clarity can transform businesses—some have seen as much as a 30-point improvement in as little as six months. 

4. Governance on autopilot  

Reporting, compliance, and risk management are foundational to every business. Neglecting any area puts the company at risk. Yet, most publishers store a great deal of data across multiple systems, which makes maintaining compliance and the requisite reports time-consuming and frustrating. No one wants to spend hours hunting down spreadsheets or manually entering data. 

With AI, gathering and synthesizing data from across a complex business ecosystem has never been easier. Finding and culling specific numbers can happen in minutes, and reports can be generated with a click, ensuring that publishers remain compliant without hours of overtime. 

5. Confidence 

The AI revolution is already underway. In an industry that demands innovation to stay relevant, AI supports media publishing operations, leaving pioneering new ideas up to human ingenuity. AI eliminates tedium and frees up teams’ time for strategy and creativity. It improves efficiency without diminishing quality. It produces better returns without excessive oversight. And AI makes sustainable growth possible while promoting cutting-edge new products and strategies. In short, AI is a path to future-proofing your business for many years to come. 

Grow with AI

It is hard to overstate the significance of AI in the media landscape. While digital transformation may seem like a daunting prospect to publishers just getting started with AI, leveraging it is no longer optional to remain competitive. The good news is that tools have evolved alongside the technology to facilitate integration, adherence, and powerful outcomes. 

An easy first step on your path to efficiency through AI is to identify the areas where your company can most benefit.  For a more complete view of the trends and possibilities, read our ebook on how AI is transforming Sales and Rev Ops. 

Download The Transformative Power of AI in Rev Ops and Sales ebook.


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