How Rev Ops Teams Are Using Automation to Save 10 Hours Per Week and Grow Revenue

Rev Ops teams have a big job. Aligning strategy, sales, and data is not easy, but throw in a complex product mix, scattered data, and manual processes, and most teams can barely keep their heads above water. Seventy-five percent of the highest growth companies in the U.S. now have a Rev Ops function. Since Rev Ops is a relatively new operational unit, however, many businesses are implementing it without the tools in place to optimize its impact—and running into efficiency problems along the way.

That was the case for Leafly, a niche publishing operation based in Seattle. The company’s siloed, manual systems resulted in a lack of data visibility that impeded its ability to maximize revenue. 

Like many modern media companies, Leafly has a high volume of ad inventory, a complex product mix, and a growing Ad Ops team–a trifecta that can hinder efficient scaling. The team lacked a complete view of cross-departmental data, sales activity, and engagement, making it difficult to identify real-time revenue opportunities or forecast with confidence. 

The Rev Ops team spent much of its time in spreadsheets or tracking down the most up-to-date stats—not the best use of a talented team’s time. To capture maximum revenue for its ad placements, Leafly sought to streamline operations and reduce manual processes to improve forecasting, pricing, and sales.

Erica Garvey, Leafly’s Senior Financial Analyst, experienced firsthand the difficulties in synthesizing mountains of data generated every month. “I felt like I was essentially forecasting with a piece of paper and a pencil,” she said. Knowing that connecting data across the company and automating menial processes would support growth, Garvey championed the integration of Boostr. 

Boostr consolidates information for forecasting into a single, easy-to-use platform, making progress transparent and empowering the entire team. “Without Boostr, we were generalizing what our revenue potential was by manually pulling it,” explained Garvey. Now, more accurate, up-to-date numbers inform every level of operations. 

This new level of visibility and automation supports Leafly in various ways, including: 

- Time savings: Garvey saves 10 hours each week, and the rest of Rev Ops can now focus on high-value work to capture more opportunities and maximize sales. 

- A single source of truth: “So many revenue growth opportunities were largely out of sight from sales teams in the past,” Garvey said. “From my perspective, we really couldn’t grow our company without Boostr.” With data clarity, nothing slips between the cracks. 

- Increased revenue:  With hours of every week freed up to focus on analysis, the Rev Ops team has been able to recommend new pricing models and products based on the best-performing placements and categories. 

Growth requires a strong operational foundation, especially within Rev Ops, which must reduce risks to the business while connecting the dots between sales, marketing, and delivery. Boostr supports Leafly’s growth by streamlining processes, making data visible, and freeing up team time. Forecasting, analysis, and reporting have become more robust, timely, and accurate, so Leafly can quickly generate insights without extra hours of work. 

To find out more about how Boostr’s solutions improved Leafly’s Rev Ops results, read the full case study here.

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