How Do You Know Your Media Company Needs An Order Management System?

Is your order management system keeping up with growth and development? How do you know whether or not you need a new OMS? If your media company is treading water to keep up with increasing demands or if you’re just bogged down with endless spreadsheets that eat away at your time, it might be time to upgrade your OMS. Your OMS should be a single platform that unites sales, ad operations, and finance. It should simplify workflows and create new revenue opportunities. If your OMS isn’t efficient, your company will face the following challenges:

Your Process Won’t Cover the Full Order Life Cycle

Since advertisers require almost immediate responses and sales reps want to finalize these deals just as quickly, your OMS needs to cover the full lifecycle of the order. Your order management system should help publishers and agencies manage operations, including inventory, ad campaigns, and invoices, so the life cycle of the order is seamless. 

Your Teams Will Be Disjointed 

After the sale is completed, you want to make sure that the right information is sent to the right team so the campaigns run correctly. If the workflow is segmented, teams can’t accomplish their goals. This results in your teams not working together and increased inefficiency across all departments. If you want your teams to work together and not be siloed, you need an OMS that will unite your departments. 

You Won’t See All Your Data

If you don’t have the right OMS in place, you won’t be able to see all of your data. With the correct OMS, your analytics can be used to help find inefficiencies and patterns. This comprehensive view of your company’s information will give your leadership and teams ample resources to start making informed business decisions to grow your company in the right direction. 

Meet Boostr: An Order Management System Build For Media

Boostr’s OMS is a real-time OMS solution for media businesses that eliminates spreadsheets, siloed tech, and missing data by providing the following capabilities: 

Product Catalog Management. Flexible inventory and single-product architecture eliminate product catalog bloat and inaccuracies that lead to poor revenue visibility.

Rate Card Management. Dynamic rate cards minimize lost revenue due to customers receiving incorrect rates.

Ad-Server Management. A single IO across all ad servers eliminates re-keying information across systems, which causes errors, under-delivery, and launch delays.

Media Planning. Visibility across a complex mix of products and combinations enables better plan optimizations and greater profitability.

Billing and Margin Tracking. Get all your delivery data in one place so you can reconcile faster while pre- and post-sale media plan and IO margin controls improve profitability.

Salesforce Integration. If you’re using Salesforce or Dynamics, make your OMS work better for your team by ensuring Opportunities, Products, IOs, Accounts, and Contacts are automatically synced without time-consuming reconciliation.

With Boostr, you and your team will: 

- Boost margins by deploying pre- and post-campaign margin controls on media plans and IOs.

- Work how you want with sync opportunities, products, IOs, accounts and contacts automatically - regardless of your CRM.

- Increase revenue from inventory insights with: Dynamic approval rules, Omnichannel IO and programmatic support, Oversold inventory checks, Campaign pacing alerts and  Actual vs. rate card price comparisons

- Get more done by leveraging 50-plus automated workflows to eliminate manual processes, saving critical time and enabling proactive strategic thinking.

- Accelerate billing and reconciliation by keeping all delivery data in one place to ensure accurate billing and a speedy month-end close.

See How BrightLine is Leveraging Boostr’s Ordem Management System 

Boostr is an end-to-end OMS for media businesses that increases efficiency and profitability, which is exactly what BrightLine needed help with as it faced challenges in harnessing data insights to inform strategy, design, and delivery. Brightlight was also dealing with limited campaign analytics that resulted in under-delivery and missed opportunities. The company's goal was to gain visibility into its pipeline to book more campaigns that met or exceeded a 95% delivery rate. 

By using Boostr’s OMS for live feedback on pacing, BrightLine was able to gain new visibility into the data to meet revenue goals, add consultative services, and create stronger business relationships. With Boostr, Brightline has:

- Established comprehensive, real-time visibility into campaign delivery versus bookings

- Improved campaign management to exceed delivery goals and revenue forecasts

- Become more consultative and add value for clients

According to Victoria Dever Pisaari, VP of Client Operations of BrightLine, “I don’t think our business could be at the volume it is - and could be functioning at the volume we’re seeing now - without Boostr.”

See the full case study here.

Sellers love using Boostr’s platform - don’t let your sellers run from the data that will drive your business forward. Our OSM is here to revolutionize media advertising by seamlessly combining CRM and OMS capabilities. With Boostr, media plans go out at the right price, margin, and go live and bill on time. Get started with a demo today.


Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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