How BrightLine Revolutionized Forecasting

Easily configured technology doubled productivity and accuracy

Sales teams are faced with mounting complexities as they manage forecasting data. Whether it's a limited ability to see incoming revenue or difficulties adjusting forecasts when pipelines shift, forecasting is no easy task—especially when order management systems aren’t connected to the CRM. The result? Many Sales leaders admit they don’t have confidence in the accuracy of their own forecasts. 

Further complicating the situation is the reality that many media companies are using outdated CRM systems, which have failed to keep pace with other ad technology. Traditional CRMs are notoriously difficult to integrate with other parts of the ad tech stack—or require full-time employees or costly consultants to configure and maintain integrations. Most CRMs also lack advanced analytics capabilities or are so cumbersome that Sales teams enter only the bare minimum of information, making them useless for accurate, real-time forecasting. 

As artificial intelligence (AI), user-friendly interfaces, and more connected tools become the norm for other ad technologies, there is growing demand for better sales enablement through more modern CRM systems. BrightLine had better sales enablement in mind when it began the process of integrating a new CRM across the enterprise.    

BrightLine is the national gold standard for data-powered CTV experiences and interactive, commerce-driven advertising. As the company grew, legacy systems for processes like forecasting couldn’t keep up. Without relevant, timely forecasting information, strategy and financial planning lagged, impeding revenue growth. 

“BrightLine is a really complex organism,” said Michael Bologna, BrightLine’s Chief Accelerator. “We need CRM tools with high levels of customization so we can give leadership a comprehensive, holistic view of what we’re doing … as well as accurately forecast and save team hours.” Bologna didn’t want to spend months developing customizations too complex for Sales leadership to use, but he knew BrightLine couldn’t afford to miss the insights that could be gained from robust reporting. 

Boostr proved to be the partner BrightLine needed. Intuitive and easily adaptable to BrightLine’s unique needs, Bologna and his team found Boostr’s CRM reports to be accessible, timely, and understandable, making the data truly actionable. 

“Boostr is my partner,” Bologna said. “It links the financial side and the business side of my business.” The ease of use of Boostr’s singular platform, where data from every part of the business is unified, has helped Ad and Rev Ops teams overcome the industry’s historic forecasting issues. Data is updated in real time, and since it relies on precise technology, isn’t subject to human error or time-consuming busywork. 

With Boostr handling forecasting, BrightLine has increased accuracy by 50%, which supports a smarter selling strategy and greater productivity. Sales leadership can also better plan for the future, empowered by data to make crucial financial decisions. “Forecasting used to be a guesstimate,” Bologna said. “Now we have a consistent methodology.” 

Boostr is changing how BrightLine operates with accurate forecasting that drives growth. To find out more about how Bologna and his teams use Boostr to save time and get more done, read the full case study here

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Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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