Three Ways to Achieve More in 2023

Digital Transformations Create Opportunity In the Face of Challenge

Publishers face unprecedented challenges this year. After discovering ways to protect revenue and find their way back to profitability during the pandemic, publishers are now faced with the uncertainties of a looming recession and its impact on advertising budgets. To make matters worse, expanding product complexity is further burdening already overworked ad ops teams, contributing to churn that significantly tops the averages of other industries.

What’s a publisher to do? In short, they must do more with less. But how? Technology that supports digital transformation and automation may be the answer.

In particular, these three crucial areas are the key to a profitable 2023: Automated proposal creation, more accurate sales forecasts, and actionable real-time data.

Automated proposal creation

Automated proposal creation is the primary path to expanding revenue without using more resources. Across an expansive and diverse set of assets, media companies are often encumbered by the need to generate proposals. The time-intensive process typically involves checking inventory, getting approval for pricing, cataloging the preferences of each client, and keeping tabs on lengthy sales histories. Moreover, sellers tend to sell what they know and often lack insight into the margins of various offerings or how particular packages affect their company’s bottom line.

Boostr’s AI-supported RFP engine, Proposal-IQ, takes these complex parameters and distills them into optimized proposals in minutes, not hours. Sellers can automate the creation of plans with the optimal media mix based on each client’s objectives while accommodating the seller’s real-time inventory. This optimization supports larger deal sizes and increases in products sold per order, laying the foundation for immediate and long-term revenue expansion through cross-selling and bundling. The best part is that configuring each query is simple and works across channels.

Accurate sales forecasts

Having accurate sales forecasts is a prerequisite to crucial decision-making at every level of a publisher’s operations. From allocating resources efficiently to managing cash flow and personnel, precise forecasting enables rev ops professionals to predict short- and long-term performance and plan accordingly.

Historically, sales forecasts were the result of guesstimates and intuition, either “bottom-up” with salespeople manually contributing their individual pipelines or “top-down” with management setting quotas that teams must meet. Teams can now use Boostr’s technology to automate the sales forecasting process from a single source of truth—and publishers can leverage the industry’s most accurate and timely omnichannel revenue forecasting.

Boostr organizes complex product offerings and pipeline stages into intuitive dashboards, without the need to update code. Sellers can easily see, sell, and track deals across all products and packages in one place. Sellers can also input granular data without spending extra time, supporting the most robust and accurate forecasting possible while actually saving rev ops teams hours of work each week.

Make better use of real-time data

In a complex industry where publishers manage an ever-growing product mix, it can be difficult to navigate day-to-day challenges, let alone optimize for long-term profitability and higher commissions. Yet, making better use of real-time data can support growth, cross-team communication, and a better bottom line. When sales teams have access to data that is easy to use they can sell what’s most profitable—not just what they’re most familiar with. The ability to visualize complex product mixes and ideal combinations leads to savvier and more profitable media planning.

With greater access to data across teams, strategic workflows aren’t just implemented, they’re automated. Visibility into workflows ranging from pipeline sales activity to delivery reporting keep ad ops informed and connected, enabling greater sales with more attractive margins. Boostr can automate more than 50 workflows, replacing manual data entry, and freeing up time for strategic selling that supports long-term success.

Each of these transformations—automated proposal creation, improved sales forecasts, and effective use of real-time data—allows publishers to do much more with less. Their teams are happier, and their deal sizes are larger, without any increased spending or overtime. For publishers who are under increasing pressure to grow profitably, Boostr has released a new product activation dashboard for upselling and cross-selling.


Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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