Data-Driven Success: Leveraging Boostr’s CRM Analytics to Maximize Customer Insights

How would you rate your CRM analytics? Does it save time and get real-time pipeline visibility with built-in calendar and email integrations, drag-and-drop deal updates, and omnichannel forecasts? Is it built specifically for media sales organizations? 

Boostr is built specifically for media sales organizations and can do all of this and more - but what exactly are our features? 

Email and calendar integration. Boostr lets you seamlessly track emails and appointments by advertiser, agency, and deal. Create deals and RFPs from emails - without manual data entry, saving time for more outreach. 

Deal kanban. Manage deals from start to finish in a single screen with drag-and-drop deal progression. Upgrade your workflow and close deals faster with our user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to sifting through multiple screens and hello to a streamlined process that keeps everything organized and accessible. 

Omnichannel forecasts. Seamlessly monitor your pipeline and delivery data in real-time across all media formats and buying channels (IO, PG, PMP) in one centralized place. With real-time updates, you'll have full visibility to be able to make informed decisions quickly, stay on top of your game, and streamline your advertising efforts.

Specialist forecasts. Boostr is your solution for managing specialist and overlay teams, quotas, and forecasts without double counting. 

Advertiser and agency intelligence. With Boostr, you can effortlessly manage complex hierarchies between advertisers and agencies, as well as brands and campaigns, while gaining organizational structure insights that grow revenue. Let us help you grow your business while making it easier for you to stay organized.

Sales insights. Leverage our industry best practice dashboards and KPIs to maximize revenue and productivity. Boost your business performance with our user-friendly tools! 

Seller priorities dashboard. Make the most of sellers’ precious time spent in a CRM by immediately showcasing what’s most important, from progress to quota to commission calculations. Our user-friendly interface showcases everything that's important at a glance: track your progress, monitor quota achievements, and even calculate your commissions effortlessly. 

Automated revenue recognition. Auto-allocate revenue across custom start-to-end dates and revenue channels. Deals are recorded once and updated everywhere, saving sales leader forecasting with highly customizable CRM inputs, products, and stages that adapt to future business needs. With Boostr, profitability is in plain sight as you accurately record deals once and update them everywhere, saving valuable time on sales lead forecasting.

Media-specific data model. Our sophisticated media data model provides high-fidelity data to help you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Boostr Benefits:

Get pipeline data you can trust. Boostr enables accurate and real-time omnichannel revenue forecasting. With its highly customizable CRM inputs, products, and stages, Boostr adapts effortlessly to meet your future business needs. 

Increase cross-functional alignment. Boostr’s CRM removes all of the common barriers (and excuses) for sales teams - simultaneously enhancing production and finance. Expect a larger number of shorter sessions, meaning sellers often accomplish more with less time - saving, on average, four hours per week. 

Maximize revenue. Get a 360-degree view of real-time prospect data. Prioritize opportunities and unlock your business's potential with built-in analytics to help business leaders recognize patterns and identify areas for improvement and white spaces for growth.

Move faster - regardless of complexity. We address all the complexities of your business with configurable, no-code CRM stages and weighting for easy implementation and scalability. We adapt to your internal systems while automatically keeping pace with industry best practices and innovations.

See how Morning Brew leverages Boostr’s CRM

Boostr’s revenue forecasting was designed specifically for the media industry. We help you produce clear revenue forecasts without spreadsheets and complicated systems. This is exactly what Brian Schneider, Associate Director of Revenue Strategy & Operations at Morning Brew, a New York-based media company, was looking for.

Schnieder and his team grew overnight and immediately implemented a traditional customer relationship management software, which proved inaccurate and involved an infinite amount of third-party consultants. This left the team with little time and a loss of confidence in their data. He needed an immediate solid solution to complicated forecasting - that’s what he found in Boostr. 

After switching to Boostr, the team’s revenue operations efficiency increased 15-20%. According to Schneider, “The business grows on the quality of the content, which relies on the people you have to devote to the growth of the business, which depends on accurate forecasting of the revenue - and Boostr is that revenue component.”

See the full cast study here

Boostr’s CRM forecasts an accurate sales pipeline without the pain. If you want to learn more about how to spend less time nagging your sales team about data entry and more time increasing revenue, book a personalized demo to see our platform in action today!


Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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