Boostr’s Partnership with Switchboard will Streamline the Way Publishers Operate

By Patrick O'Leary on June, 30 2021

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Patrick O'Leary

Patrick is the Founder and CEO at Boostr. He’s been a leader in the media and technology space for the past 25 years, and founded Boostr to alleviate challenges he personally experienced. He resides in California with his family.

At Boostr, our mission is to enable publishers to drive profitable growth. This north star drives how we think about our product roadmap, how we prioritize investments on behalf of our customers, and how we judge our customer’s success. This is why I’m so excited about the partnership with Switchboard: it is an industry-first solution that brings together our seamless CRM and OMS capabilities with their data ops platform.

Operating a media company has never been more challenging — there’s ad format, data and buying channel proliferation everywhere. Table stakes insights like how much money was made yesterday, what’s working, and what’s profitable has only gotten more difficult to understand. Now media companies can ensure all their delivery data (e.g., first-party, third-party, PMP) is flowing into the Boostr platform daily. This means they can answer increasingly difficult but important questions such as “how am I pacing toward my quarterly goal as of yesterday” or “how are my customer’s campaigns performing?” Switchboard’s best-in-class data ops platform ensures data is delivered on time, is ingested with the proper transformation rules, and includes robust alerts around provider delays, retries, and more. Additionally, many media companies require enterprise data warehouse solutions to combine non-ad sales data, such as audience and content insights with revenue intelligence. Switchboard brings pre-built connectors for extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data out of Boostr to publisher data warehouses. This means data engineers can focus on modeling and business intelligence (BI) instead of writing and maintaining expensive data pipelines.

When I first met Switchboard’s CEO and co-founder Ju-Kay Kwek, it became clear that his background in developing BigQuery at Google was evident in how the company built its platform. As we worked together with mutual customers, the reasons why the company’s data ops platform was an industry frontrunner: the solution is fast to implement, extremely flexible, and focused on fixing complex problems for their clients. 

Together we’ll continue to integrate our platforms so publishers can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about managing data and systems. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.



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