Boostr Releases Proposal-GPT, Bringing Greater Productivity to Media Sales Teams

Proposal-GPT Uses Generative AI to Extend the Capabilities of Proposal-IQ, the Company’s AI-Powered Proposal Recommendation Engine, Enabling 100% RFP Response Rate


Boostr, the only advertising management platform built specifically to help complex media organizations scale, today announced the launch of Proposal-GPT, a generative AI extension to the company’s AI-powered Proposal Recommendation Engine technology, Proposal-IQ. Proposal-GPT uses AI to further accelerate the RFP response process, unlocking new levels of sales productivity and business intelligence to help media companies drive profitable growth. Through Proposal-GPT, media sales teams will now be able to respond to 100% of RFPs received–a feat previously unheard of for a typical media sales team. This launch is the first in a series of GPT-related innovations Boostr plans to bring to the media industry throughout the summer.

Proposal-IQ launched last fall to help media sales organizations improve the quality of RFP responses, while simultaneously building proposals faster. By suggesting the optimal media mix and media plan for each client’s objectives and tying into the media seller’s real-time inventory, Proposal-IQ drives larger deal sizes, increases in average products sold per order, and higher sell-through—helping media sales organizations grow their revenue.

Proposal-GPT increases the value of Proposal-IQ, further automating the RFP response process and saving sellers’ time so they can build proposals in minutes, respond to clients faster, and achieve higher win rates for larger media plans.

Proposal-GPT automatically processes and ingests the content of a received RFP, pre-populating key fields such as advertiser, agency, budget, advertiser objectives and flight dates directly into a new proposal. With Boostr’s native email integration, sellers need not even open or review the RFP; Proposal-GPT automatically scans the attachment, extracts, and populates the relevant information into a new proposal for the seller. In addition to saving valuable time by eliminating the need for manual review and data reentry, Proposal-GPT also dramatically improves CRM adoption and pipeline accuracy: When a new proposal is generated, Proposal-IQ simultaneously triggers the creation of a new deal opportunity within the company’s CRM.

“Media sales teams are overburdened. Proposal-IQ saves a ton of time and is proven to help sales organizations win more, and larger, deals. But now, with Proposal-GPT, sellers don’t have to lift a finger–or a mouse—to create an RFP response that is nearly ready for submission. It’s a game-changer, completely removing turnaround time as a barrier to RFP response rates,” says Patrick O’Leary, Founder and CEO of Boostr.

Proposal-GPT will be available to Proposal-IQ customers this summer. Proposal-IQ works as a standalone solution or integrated solution into existing CRM and OMS systems such as, Microsoft Dynamics, Operative, and the Boostr platform. To learn more about Proposal-IQ, visit

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