Boosting Media Sales Efficiency: Introducing Proposal GPT by Boostr

There is currently immense excitement surrounding AI, with generative AI and LLMs playing a significant role in driving this hype. However, when it comes to enterprise software, the practical applications of AI have been elusive, as it is often seen as a tool in search of a problem to solve. At Boostr, we take pride in developing solutions that not only meet the needs of media companies but also provide a delightful user experience while driving profitable growth. We are thrilled to introduce a range of new capabilities made possible by GPT and LLM models, addressing previously unsolved business challenges. The first of these applications is Proposal GPT, designed to assist ad sales teams in responding to RFPs and creating proposals more efficiently. 

Today, when a seller gets an RFP, it usually arrives with more dread than excitement.  First, the RFP typically has a 24-48 hour due date leaving little time to prepare a quality, winning response.  Second, the RFP details are inconsistent from RFP to RFP.  The descriptions range from vague to very specific, they can be written in email, deck, or other document formats.  Oftentimes more information from the buyer is needed however, they’re often not available or timely in response.  So sellers need to kick off the RFP response process by pulling in the help of pre-sales support teams.   These teams need details about the campaign to help.  Today this requires forwarding emails, entering details into CRM, potentially kicking off resource requests for help, starting to build a media plan in Excel, and adding the shell in an order management system to check inventory availability if there’s even a single source.  All of this activity is a waste of time, and any error in communicating this information can result in losing the budget.  Imagine if you’re a seller and accidentally communicate the wrong RFP Due Date by a day and miss the submission. Painful.

"Proposal-GPT is a game-changer, completely removing turnaround time as a barrier to RFP response rates,” says Patrick O’Leary, Founder and CEO of Boostr

ProposalGPT solves the front end of this process while Proposal-IQ solves the rest.  Now when sellers receive the RFP details in their email, they simply hand it over to ProposalGPT, which takes all the RFP details and summarizes them so it’s crystal clear what’s being asked and when it’s due.  Then it automatically shares this information with Proposal-IQ to get the seller an immediate set of product recommendations.  All of this without requiring the seller to enter anything into Proposal-IQ.  On top of that, if a deal isn’t already open in their pipeline, it will fill that in or automatically update an open deal with the latest information.  Not only is the seller able to generate a winning proposal response and supporting media plan in minutes, but their CRM is also current.  Their supporting teams get real-time access to the RFP details, the CRM data, and the Proposal-IQ recommendations.  Any workflows and resource requests are kicked off in real-time.  Now when the RFP response team meets to collaborate, everyone is sharing the latest, most complete information courtesy of ProposalGPT.  And everyone’s a bit happier because they focus on the creative aspects of their job instead of data entry.  Happy sales teams, confident in their sales pitches, win more business.  Be happy with ProposalGPT.  And we can’t wait to share our next set of GPT-based innovations for media companies. Learn  more about Proposal-IQ at

What video to see it in action!


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