Boostr AMP UP 2024: Awards Ceremony Recap - A Day to Remember

Did you miss out on AMP UP, the media industry's hottest ticket? Buckle up, kids. We’re taking you on a quick tour of the client awards at Boostr's AMP UP conference.

Our keynote speaker. Alan Volk inspired you to push boundaries. Our breakout sessions sparked groundbreaking ideas, and the client awards left you wanting to do a victory dance (with cocktails, of course). That's what AMP UP was all about.

For those who couldn't attend, here's a recap of the awards ceremony. These awards celebrated our incredible Boostr clients who are shaping the future of the media industry.

Award Winners Take Center Stage

Boostr honored clients who've mastered the art of media management and played a pivotal role in shaping the Boostr platform itself. Let's meet the winners and see why they deserve a standing ovation:

  • Product Visionary Award: Chrissy Kloos, Vevo - Chrissy is a double threat: her data expertise strengthened Boostr's analytics, and her insights helped optimize the OMS product for complex workflows.
  • Value Creator Award: Vanessa Kwan, Bustle - Vanessa's unwavering focus on data and her ability to translate that into strategic insights make her a powerhouse at Bustle.
  • Problem Solver Award: Stephanie Barulic, Audacy - Stephanie's collaborative spirit and openness to best practices were instrumental in navigating Audacy's onboarding process with Boostr.
  • Product Visionary Award (tie): Rachel Ross, Katz Media Group - Rachel's extensive industry experience and her role in co-architecting core Boostr modules were game-changers.
  • Innovator Award: LB Wiesenberg, Outfront Media - LB's forward-thinking approach is evident in his efforts to drive revenue through Boostr's lead generation features.
  • Early Adopter Award: Chris Quinn, A4 Media - A4 Media's tech team's active participation in testing new features like IO Revision and enhanced discounts has been invaluable to Boostr's development.
  • Efficiency Visionary Award: Michael Greenspan, Match Media Group - Michael's strategic thinking and willingness to explore new features make him a true efficiency champion.
  • Systems Thinker Award: Matthew Fishman, Fandom - Matthew's ability to think strategically across teams ensures he maximizes his Boostr strategy while minimizing campaign risks.
  • Delightful Client Award: Jonah Higginbottom, Vox Media - Jonah's positive attitude and willingness to delve deep into Boostr's functionalities make him a joy to work with.
  • Analytics Power User Award: Lee Verdecchia, Recurrent Ventures, Inc. - Lee's data-driven approach and his active participation in improving Boostr's analytics offerings have been a driving force for innovation.

These awards are proof of the incredible partnership between Boostr and its clients. This collaborative spirit is pushing the boundaries of media management and the industry.

Save the Date for AMP UP 2025

If you're feeling a pang of FOMO (fear of missing out), don't worry! AMP UP is poised to become an annual event. Mark your calendars and get ready to join the revolution next year. It's a chance to network with industry leaders, learn from the best, and be part of something special.

Stay tuned for updates on AMP UP 2025, and in the meantime, spread the word! Let's make it an event the entire media industry will be buzzing about.


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