Additional Terms & Conditions – eIO (Prisma by MediaOcean) Integration

2/1/2022 – v1.0

01. Description of Services

MediaOcean provides Prisma, a platform for omnichannel advertising. Boostr offers an integration between MediaOcean and Boostr’s Services, eIO, which enables Customers to automate the RFP to invoice process. Use of the integration through Boostr requires a valid and subsisting subscription to the applicable Boostr services. Customers may elect to use some or all of the following services:

  1. Receive RFP
  2. Respond to RFP
  3. Receive Insertion Order
  4. Approve Insertion Order
  5. Revise Insertion Order
  6. Submit Publisher 1st Party Delivery Data
  7. Receive Agency 3rd Party Delivery Data
  8. Submit Invoice

02. Fees and Payment Terms

  1. Monthly Usage Fees - at the end of each month, boostr will total the invoice amount across all IOs submitted to Boostr Services through Prisma (i.e., containing a Prisma ID) (Qualified IOs) after Customer has closed their monthly billing process in the Boostr Services. This total amount of Qualified IOs will be the Monthly Eligible Amount (MEA). Monthly Usage Fees due to Boostr will be calculated by multiplying the MEA by the percentages specified on the applicable Order Form[PS1], multiplied by the MEA for the prior month.
  2. 3rd Party Delivery Data Fees - Customer will be responsible for fees as set forth in the applicable Order Form.
  3. Payment terms will be set forth in the applicable Order Form

03. General

  1. Boostr is not responsible for the availability or operation of the MediaOcean services apart from the integration.
  2. Boostr reserves the right to discontinue the eIO integration in its entirety or any of the services provided through it on forty-five (45) days prior written notice to Customer in the event Mediaocean discontinues support of the integration or any such services.