Unlocking the Future: Introducing BoostrIQ and Certification Program to Revolutionize Media Management

Boostr Introduces new AI Solution and Certification Programs at Inaugural Client Event

New York, NY - May 9, 2024 - Boostr, the leading provider of advertising management platforms for publishers and media companies, today unveiled BoostrIQ, a revolutionary suite of AI-powered solutions designed to tackle the industry's most pressing challenges. 

BoostrIQ directly addresses the pain points of media companies, automating previously time-consuming, error-prone manual processes that erode productivity and revenue.

According to David Christopher-Morris, Head of Product at Boostr, “BoostrIQ is a total game changer for an industry that has long suffered from complex, manually intensive, error-prone processes with too many spreadsheets. This is the beginning of eliminating the ‘how is this still happening’ work that’s plagued the industry for too long.”

BoostrIQ delivers a powerful arsenal of features, including:

  • Contact Enrichment: BoostrIQ effortlessly gathers and maintains contact information from email signatures, so teams can reduce time spent on tedious data entry. Key details like phone numbers and job titles are seamlessly updated and shared across the organization's CRM.
  • RFP Ingestion: Upload proposals directly from your email and watch BoostrIQ populate ProposalIQ with the relevant information, helping teams stay on top of RFP deadlines with ease. Automatically generate client-specific, customized media plans and presentations within minutes, leaving your team time to focus on strategy and closing deals.
  • I/O Revisions: Drag and drop revision requests into the corresponding I/O page in Boostr, and BoostrIQ handles the rest, eliminating the need to manage deals across multiple spreadsheets. See a clear picture of all changes and effortlessly accept or activate revisions. With BoostrIQ, what used to take hours can now be done in minutes.
  • Self-configuration: Automate workflows, approvals, and validations using the power of natural language processing. Simply tell BoostrIQ what you need in plain English, and let it handle the setup. Creating approval rules or modifying workflows is also greatly simplified. 

A Look Ahead: The Future of Media Is Intelligent

BoostrIQ, which is slated for release in Q3 2024, is just the latest in the suite of Boostr’s AI-powered offerings. Boostr is actively developing additional AI-powered tools to further empower media professionals. 

Boostr also today announced the launch of Boostr University and a Certification program tailored for Boostr users. This certification enhances users' understanding of Boostr and maximizes their organization's investment. Certified admins gain marketability through accreditation from the industry's leading advertising management provider. Upcoming certifications include Boostr Analytics, Boostr Ad Ops, and Boostr Sales.

Katie Schuele, co-founder and CCO of Boostr, said, “We are thrilled to offer this level of education and training to our users. We have the best, brightest, and most forward-thinking clients in the industry. I am looking forward to what they can do when they have even deeper expertise on  Boostr.” 

See official press release here.

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