Q&A with David Christopher-Morris: Boostr's New Head of Product

David Christopher-Morris Joins Boostr as New Head of Product

We are thrilled to welcome industry veteran David Christopher-Morris to Boostr’s leadership team! In his role as Head of Product, David will lead Boostr’s product strategy and vision, from ideation through delivery. (Check out the full press release here.) To introduce David to you all – our friends, colleagues and partners – we sat down with him for a quick chat. Below are edited excerpts from our conversation.

Boostr: What’s your area of expertise, and how did you wind up in this career?

DCM: That’s a tough first question! Over time it has changed, but today I focus on how platforms can make advertising sellers smarter—not just faster. This may utilize AI/ML or connect systems or teams that aren’t usually connected, but taking the holistic view is critical.

My route to this point was far from a straight line: I started as a Finance team lead and then moved into Finance, IT & Operations for an advertising company, where we implemented a Digital Order Management System across Europe. I jumped to the vendor side at that point, and it all followed from there.

Why were you excited to join Boostr?

The team! It was evident from talking with Patrick, Katie and other members of the Boostr team that there is a passion to build products and features that solve real and meaningful problems for clients. It was also clear that they care about Boostr being a great place to work, with everyone pulling in the same direction to really move the needle.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

DCM: It's exciting times at Boostr! We are working on new features and products that media owners and publishers will find hugely impactful, and I'll get to do that with a fantastically talented group of people. For example, Boostr recently announced a bi-directional connection with Mediaocean’s Prisma platform. This tight integration does a phenomenal job of reducing friction in the RFP and planning process, significantly reducing the time to respond and reducing errors inherent in a disconnected back and forth. I’m thrilled to be working on things like this.

We've seen the industry champion adtech, then martech, and now productivity tech. Where do CRM, OMS and Boostr fit into this larger landscape?

DCM: Our clients are looking to us to provide solutions. They want to understand and monetize their advertising inventory efficiently while maximizing yield, reducing errors and introducing automation where possible. Clients are not concerned about whether Boostr is adtech, martech or productivity tech; they’re fatigued by jargon. They just want us to help them run their business.

Has anything surprised you since joining the company last week?

DCM: On a personal note, the welcome I received was warmer than I could possibly have hoped for. On a technical note, there have been very nice surprises when discovering the product feature set, such as the flexibility of the platform’s technical design. In many similar systems I’ve seen, small changes require development cycles which take time, but it’s just a client configuration in Boostr. The complexity and robustness of Boostr’s technology keeps things simple for clients, and it's obvious why more and more companies are choosing us.

Is there a piece of digital content or technology you remember having a big influence on your interest in pursuing a career in digital?

DCM: I have always loved technology, and I remember my first interaction with the internet in the ‘90s. It was the NASA website that had breathtaking images of space from the Hubble Space Telescope. Even at that early stage, I knew the internet would be a game changer.

How can Rev Ops and Sales Ops leaders learn more about Boostr’s technology?

DCM: I'd encourage anyone looking to learn more to reach out to me directly at I'd be delighted to chat about the technology and how it can help them streamline and monetize their business. Of course, I also have incredible colleagues who can show you the platform and how Boostr can help provide solutions.


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