Boostr Launches First-to-Market Multi-Dimensional Reporting For Publishers

The omnichannel CRM and OMS platform’s new feature streamlines reporting, saving media companies valuable time and money.

NEW YORK, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boostr, the leading omnichannel CRM and Order Management platform designed for media & advertising companies, today announced the addition of its new Multi-Dimensional Reporting (MDR) feature to its suite of analytic offerings. Now media companies using Boostr’s platform can easily pull together complex reports to help effectively run their core business and capture key strategic insights. During beta testing earlier this year, MDR capabilities were successfully utilized by six major publisher clients.

Today, media companies spend too much time, effort and money generating important reports. According to a survey conducted in August 2021, Boostr found that 85% of publishers plan to streamline sales workflows within their organizations this year. MDR allows them to do just that, ensuring they have the visibility they need to run their business.

“If you’re building a house, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and resources making the tools,” said Patrick O’Leary, Boostr co-founder & CEO. “You want the tools readily available to you so that you can get to the actual task at hand. This is especially true for today’s media companies who are navigating ecosystem challenges and need to save their most valuable resources. This new feature, that clients have long desired, takes the burden of manually producing these reports off the media companies, allowing them to repurpose that saved time, effort and money into the actual value creating activities the reporting enables.”

MDR works by automating the process of ingesting the ad server delivery data. Its flexible data architecture means the only limit to what type of data can be ingested is based on the ad server’s own limitations. Once ingested, Boostr automatically maps the delivery data to the line items in the platform. Finally, in Boostr Analytics, MDR surfaces all that combined data as available columns, so users can easily build out the types of reports they need that combine the ad delivery data, along with all the data in Boostr ranging from deals to insertion orders to line items. To date, Boostr is the only company in the industry that provides all of these features to media companies in a turnkey solution.

The reporting can track invoiceable or recognized revenue by line item, and break out that data by Inventory, Geo-Location, Publisher Partners, Creatives, YouTube Channel, and more.

In that same survey, Boostr found that 44% of publishers spend too much time manually entering data and processing, leading to inefficiencies when looking to boost inventory performance and revenue. In addition, 45% said their organizations spend too much time manually entering inventory and revenue data.

O’Leary continued: “This valuable time doesn’t need to be wasted. Boostr’s multi-dimensional reporting can get publishers away from simply managing spreadsheets so executives can focus on strategic planning. Because it automates non-ad-served digital campaign elements, publishers can quickly analyze business performance, margins and revenue attributions to determine where more investment is needed. It’s all about being smarter.”

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