Make sure your media plans
go out at the right price, right margin,
go live and bill on time

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Product Catalog Management

Flexible Inventory + Single Product Architecture to eliminate
product catalog bloat, inaccuracies causing poor revenue visibility

Rate Card Management

Dynamic rate cards minimize lost revenue
due to
incorrect rates sent to customers


Ad Server Management

A single IO across all ad servers eliminates Ad Ops teams have
to swivel chair across multiple ad servers, re-keying information
across systems causing errors, underdelivery and launch delays

Media Planning

Make sure your media plans go out the door at
the right price, right margin in the right template

Billing & Reconciliation

Get all your delivery data in one place to make
sure you bill on the right numbers and close the
month in record time

Cost Tracking

Pre & Post sale cost management improves profitability with margin controls on media plans and IOs

Salesforce Integration

If you’re stuck using Salesforce or Dynamics, make it work better than your old OMS by ensuring Opportunities, Products, IOs, Accounts and Contacts are automatically synched without time consuming reconciliation.

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