Decentralize Your Inventory Management

May 18, 2020
BlogGarrett Houghton

If you’re a publisher, chances are you have an inventory calendar or management system built in google calendar, outlook calendar or spreadsheets. These ad hoc, homegrown calendar solutions are typically made to manage inventory that a typical ad server or OMS does not handle well--homepage takeovers, podcasts, or newsletters to name a few. 

Homegrown solutions are hard to maintain, adequately support and are costly. And specifically with ad hoc inventory management reservation systems, this cost runs deep across the organization. 

To start, these calendars are managed by a central yield or operations team that fields inventory requests, makes updates in the ad hoc calendar and is constantly checking availability. This is a large administrative burden on this team and prevents them from doing more strategic work, like optimizing campaigns for better yield and revenue maximization. 

In addition, sellers are required to fill out time intensive request forms or go into multiple spreadsheets and tabs to reserve this inventory. There can be double-booking, low to no validations and sales channel conflict. 

And lastly, none of this data syncs back to your CRM or OMS, so there is either double entry or missing data in your systems.  

Most of the above issues boil down to two main culprits: 1) supporting these ad hoc, homegrown inventory management systems and 2) centralized management of inventory reservations. 

And at boostr, in our most recent release, we are solving both of these issues with our own inventory management solution for our OMS customers.

First, we’ve created a simple inventory management system for administrators to build and shape their inventory, as well as define many different validations, including:

  • Deal stages to define hard vs. soft reservations
  • Consecutive days in a row a deal can reserve specific inventory 
  • Maximum quantities a deal can reserve per inventory item

And with this simple yet powerful administration, your sales and account management teams get access to a centralized inventory calendar they can interact with directly from their boostr Media Plans. This means reserving and booking inventory without moving from their existing workflows. 

We call this decentralized inventory management, which gives power and autonomy back to your sales and account management teams while at the same time, peace of mind to your yield and ops team, giving them back hours each week. No more working through queues of reservation requests, no more double entry, no more adding/removing reservations from spreadsheets and third party calendar systems that were not built to manage these workflows. 

We’re excited about shifting the industry forward to this decentralized workflow, delivering on our mission to save publishers time and ultimately help them generate more revenue. 

Interested in hearing more about boostr’s new inventory management system built for the decentralized workflow? Reach out to us here: