Customer Success- On-boarding Client Partner

New York, NY

Team Overview 

A Client Partner is part of the Customer Success organization and is the face to the client. The people on this team are strategy consultants and project managers during the course of on-boardings and migrations, responsible to understand a client’s business and guide them towards boostr and industry best practices.


Job Overview

Imagine that migrating and on-boarding is a business and you are the business leader. As a representative of the boostr team with years of experience working with media on both CRM and OMS, you’ll consult and guide media companies on the most efficient and optimized ways of configuring a system and workflows. You have purview over everything that is required to get a client set up and optimized on boostr from data migration, integrations through to training.  You represent and advocate for both the client and their needs as well as boostr and our capabilities. Your job is to marry them together with a strong drive towards moving clients to what we know as best practices. As such you need to understand the media industry and how something goes from a lead all the way to billing so you can advise with authority and conviction, best practice workflow and process. You will work closely with the other customer success functions as well as product development in service of the client.

You like clarity, organization and large problems. You believe that every problem has a solution. 


  • Understand client’s business to recommend the optimal process, workflows, system configuration and analytics that will make client most likely to use and get value out of boostr
  • Own product implementation and configurations for simultaneous customer engagements to contract specifications
  • Manage projects effectively to deliver on-time, within scope
  • Represent customer requirements and business objectives to the data solutions and technical integrations team
  • Translate back questions and clarity needed by other boostr teams to complete their work: development, data migration or integrations
  • Maintain working knowledge of an ever-evolving boostr solution as a product expert.
  • Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical roles at client
  • Establish strong relationships with key customer stakeholders and maintain consistent lines of communication to drive high customer satisfaction.
  • Enable client admins through hands-on training and create boostr experts 
  • Provide multi-faced support both to customers and internal teams, including: resolving problems, explaining products and services, training on use of software, configuration of software, troubleshooting through to point of hand-off


Media Industry expertise

  • How publishers and ad tech clients make money
  • Typical products- direct and indirect and how they work
  • Standard pre and post sales processes and workflows 

Data and analytics

  • Fluency in data and architecture
  • Understand that data can be used to tell a story

Business Logic

  • Solving business problems by creating a multi-step path from A to B whether that’s in a dataset or client situation

Client Services

  • Active listening for what the real issue is / what they really need
  • Ability to deliver messages that instill a sense of confidence 


  • Ability to comprehend and translate technical and data concepts, especially to non-technical people in basic english.

Strong organizational, prioritization, and time management skills

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